DKL LifeGuard Enhances Port Security
Vienna, VA - October 13, 2005 --The Shekou Container Terminal (SCT) in southeastern China has chosen the DKL LifeGuard™ to detect stowaways at one of China's fastest-growing container terminals, Wang Yihong, the assistant general manager of the terminal has announced.

The Shekou Container Terminal, which last year had a throughput of 2,241,173 containers for global shipment, has seen a large increase in traffic in recent years. Officials there are dedicated to the best possible implementation of the International Shipping and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code. “We used the carbon dioxide-based devices in the past, which always made wrong judgment. The new devices are much more accurate,” Wang said.

An independent security firm tested the hand-held LifeGuard, which detects the unique electrical field created by a beating human heart, at the port of Zeebrugge, Belgium for the local port authorities and Belgian Federal Police. That test found the LifeGuard to be 100 percent effective in finding humans hiding in trucks and shipping containers. As a result of these findings, the Belgian Federal Police have since utilized the LifeGuard to perform checks at land borders, in addition to harbors.

DKL International continues to build a worldwide dealer network to supply military, security and fire/rescue organizations.  The company also has plans to leverage its technology through partnerships with additional domestic and international dealers and through strategic relationships with major defense and security providers.

About DKL International, Inc.

Patented in the United States and internationally, DKL’s initial product, the LifeGuard™, is a passive electronic sensor that detects the electric field created by a beating human heart. A patented Selective Polarization Filter (SPF) eliminates all but the unique ultra low frequency (ULF), non-uniform human field, so the LifeGuard™ detects only living humans. The LifeGuard can locate and track a standing adult from a distance of 500 meters in the open, and at shorter distances through concrete walls, steel bulkheads, brick, earthworks, plastics, heavy foliage, water, and other barriers. The LifeGuard is designed to be easily carried by a single operator and the same technology is used in an autonomous version, called SilentGuard™. Installed in walls, doorways, or buried in the ground, SilentGuard can be used in an integrated perimeter system for military, security or medical use.


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