Japanese Regional Police Headquarters Orders                                   
Additional DKL LifeGuard Systems

Vienna, VA – September 29, 2004 – DKL International, Inc., a leading provider of passive human detection technology, announced that the Japanese Regional Police Headquarters have ordered additional units of the DKL LifeGuard™.  After four years of successful testing and use in Asia, including drills, LifeGuard’s reputation as a valuable tool for border control, police work, and collapsed building and avalanche rescue, is growing.

The Japan Rescue Association commented, “In testing the LifeGuard we were very pleased with its performance at our training facilities.  It was able to detect live humans within portions of collapsed buildings.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with DKL.”  

Howard Sidman, DKL’s President and CEO, commented, “The re-order of LifeGuard units by the Japanese Regional Police is a significant order for DKL.  The extensive field testing in Japan and other Asian countries by our dealers and their clients gives our customers consistent real world experience on which to base their purchasing decisions”.

The company continues to build a worldwide dealer network to supply the military, security and fire/rescue organizations for which the equipment was developed.  DKL employees are working to deliver backorders numbering in the hundreds.  Plans are currently underway to leverage the company’s technology through partnerships with additional domestic and international dealers and through strategic relationships with major defense and security providers.

About DKL International, Inc
Patented in eighteen countries, DKL’s initial product, the LifeGuard, is a passive electronic sensor that detects the electric field created by a beating human heart.  A patented Selective Polarization Filter (SPF) eliminates all but the unique ultra low frequency (ULF), non-uniform human field, so that only living humans are detected. The LifeGuard can locate and track a standing adult from a distance of 500 meters in the open, and at shorter distances through concrete walls, steel bulkheads, brick, earthworks, plastics, heavy foliage, water, and other barriers. The National Guard’s Center for National Response has placed LifeGuard on the Center’s list of recommended equipment for first responders. While the LifeGuard is designed to be easily carried by a single operator, the same technology is used in an autonomous version, called SilentGuard™. Installed in walls, doorways, or buried in the ground, SilentGuard can become an integrated part of a perimeter system for military, security or medical use.


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