Actual Use Certification

On December 11 in 2007, a collapse accident happened at Yangchong Iron Ore Mine in Fanchang County. We hereby certify that during the rescue, the DKL LifeGuard MODEL 1.0 life exploration instrument from the U.S. introduced from Beijing Zhongtai Technology and Development Co., Ltd figured out the life sign and positions of the people trapped, which provided proof for decision making in the rescue. After more than 110 hours’ hard work, six miners trapped were successfully rescued.

Emergency and Rescue Office
Work Safety Bureau of Anhui Province
December 20, 2007

Work Safety Bureau of Hebei Province
Certification of DKL Life Exploration Instrument Successfully Saving Miners’ Lives

On December 3 in 2007, a roof falling accident happened in an iron ore mine in Xinglong County, Chengde City of Hebei Province. Lives of 11 workers trapped in the laneway were in danger. The provincial Work Safety Bureau transferred Kailuan rescue team to go and help. From December 7 to 8, the chief engineer of the rescue team guided two teammates, Zhang Wangang and Xu Wenli to use the life exploration instrument which managed to find life signs in the laneway not far ahead. The instrument figured out the direction where the rescue headquarters should go and provided technological support for successfully rescuing the trapped workers. We hereby certify that all the facts above are true.

Work Safety, Emergency and Rescue Office
Work Safety Bureau of Hebei Province
January 17, 2008

China Police Daily Fire Weekly
Criminal suspect could hardly be tracked
Life Exploration Instrument went forward to capture the suspect
Feb 3: The stranded “September 30” murder case in Guangxi Autonomous Region’s Liucheng County was finally cracked. Wei, the suspected who absconded for more than four months has been captured by the police. The DKL Life Exploration Instrument owned by Liuzhou City fire fighting team made the biggest contribution to the seizing actions.

In the noon of February 3, Liuzhou City fire fighting team received a phone call from Public Safety Bureau of Liucheng County asking them to help search and capture a suspect in a more than 30 hektares of sugarcane field in the county’s Taiping Township Jiangtou Village using a high-tech searching machine. After receiving the call, the fire fighting team’s Party Committee approved the requirement and sent two firefighters to take DKL Life Exploration Instrument to reinforce. After arriving at the site with the police, the two firefighters entered the area with the instrument. However, after trying more than 10 times of search in the field, they still failed. Then, for the second time, the police changed the searching area and then the machine kept pointing to the same direction after eight times of exploration. After more than an hour’s tracing, the suspect was successfully captured. (Meng Lin, Qin Xianyuan)

Related link: DKL Life Exploration Instrument depends on the electric field produced by people’s super low frequency electric wave to tell the position of “live people”. It can penetrate ferroconcrete, steel gates and forests and can explore a distance as long as 500 meters in open areas.


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