Work Safety Bureau of Hebei Province
Certification of DKL Life Exploration Instrument Successfully Saving Miners’ Lives

(Translation of official document at right)

On December 3 in 2007, a roof falling accident happened in an iron ore mine in Xinglong County, Chengde City of Hebei Province. Lives of 11 workers trapped in the laneway were in danger. The provincial Work Safety Bureau transferred Kailuan rescue team to go and help. From December 7 to 8, the chief engineer of the rescue team guided two teammates, Zhang Wangang and Xu Wenli to use the life exploration instrument which managed to find life signs in the laneway not far ahead. The instrument figured out the direction where the rescue headquarters should go and provided technological support for successfully rescuing the trapped workers. We hereby certify that all the facts above are true.

Work Safety, Emergency and Rescue Office
Work Safety Bureau of Hebei Province
January 17, 2008

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